Endurance, Discipline, & Diligence

I’ve been mulling over the endurance part in Hebrews 12 for a few days. Mainly due to my race schedule this year running 5ks, an 8k, and a couple 10ks. I just ran race #9 of this year, and it was ROUGH! I did not run that race well! Yes, I finished, but I know that I could’ve done better. It was the least prepared I have been for a race, and it showed. It showed in my time, in my form, and in my mental battle to keep moving!

It’s not this magical thing that happens overnight that you run a race well, but it is the diligence of preparing and training. It’s getting your body and muscles prepared for the race ahead. It’s showing your body that you are physically capable of going the distance so that you can mentally battle the resistance (like I experienced at mile 1.25 of 5 miles, and wanted to quit!).

I recently saw a friend post that we make excuses for things we don’t REALLY want to do. And I had to stop and check my heart – what have I made excuses for? When life gets busy, it’s tough to stop working the to-do list when you’re the type of person who finds great joy and the best feeling of accomplishment with checking the box or crossing things off a list.

Through that moment of self-reflection, I realized that I need to make it a priority to be physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually healthy. Physically, I obviously need to be training for my runs! Mentally/emotionally, I’ve been taking steps to be a healthier me, which part of it is journaling to process well. Spiritually, I need to dig in daily and spend quality quiet time with God. I’ve allowed the busy-ness of life to just get in the way of daily study of His word and listening to His voice. I made excuses to lax my studies to a couple times a week. I’m being real – it’s been a battle!

As Raechel Myers, co-founder of She Reads Truth, posted on her Instagram: “I struggle to make time to read the Bible. I used to think it would be easier once my kids were a little older, or if I worked a full-time Bible-reading job. Yes, there are easier and tougher seasons, I suppose. But what I’m learning? In every season of life, Bible reading requires discipline. Whether you live alone or with a dozen other people. Whether you’re surrounded by believers or non-believers. Whether you work 80 hours a week or not at all. Whether you work in full-time ministry or at the smoothie shop. Whether you’re a seasoned Christian or new to the faith. It will always be a discipline. It will always be urgent. It will always be worth it. Be encouraged friends. Fight to make time to read the Truth. Reach for your Bibles.”

First of all, can we all just take a second to note that a woman whose actual job/Ministry is to write bible studies, admits that she struggles with this too! Second, notice how she states it in future tense – it will… always be worth it. The time I take today to dig deep in the Word, like training for my runs, will be worth it in the future!

As I step out and start right here, I’m hoping to be diligent with what’s in front of me. I’m working on being a diligent student and follower of Christ by first being disciplined in studying His word. I’m working on being diligent to stop and in the quiet, listen for His voice to lead and guide me. I don’t want these to just be actions, but for these to be things that sink deep into my soul that causes real life change.

Maybe you’re encouraged to do the same! Or maybe you have something else that you need to be diligent about like money, seeking help for mental/emotional health, your time, or relationships. Let’s cheer each other on in being diligent and disciplined!!


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