I have to confess: I’ve lied to you (kind of)! I know, the worst thing to say to lose the trust of your readers. I was looking through old pictures in a text message with a friend, and came across a picture of “2017 Goals”. I even said in the text that it wasn’t necessarily new years resolutions (semantics, I know), but yes, it definitely started at the beginning of 2017 with the intention of completing them in 365 days. I did say in a previous post that I’m not one to really stick to them! Clearly, I didn’t hold fast to these, as I’ve hit a few, and have missed some by a mile!

Here are a few of my “2017 Goals”:
Memorize 24 verses
Read a book a month
Run all 3 Kona Races
Travel Somewhere
Take a weekend by myself
Prep for Sprint Triathalon

What I’m realizing is how spread out these goals were! I definitely had to reprioritize as life went on in 2017. As I close out 2017 and focus on my seasonal word, I’m hoping that being diligent in small ways will help!

As I write this, it reminds me of the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, and how I need to be diligent about the little things. It’s not in hopes of it becoming much, but, like I’ve said before, it’s that I just want to be a healthy Kristen physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually.

Here are some thoughts for this next season:
– Be diligent to be active/workout 1-3x per week
– Be diligent to journal once a week
– Be diligent to be in the Word daily

I don’t want to depart from goal setting altogether, but I also don’t want it to become a striving point that it so easily can become for me. When I say striving, I mean that I’m working to reach a goal that someone else may think is considered success or to please someone else. If I’m striving, I want it to come from a place of working to better myself with no expectations put on by anyone else.

I’m a hard critic of my own life/actions as an Enneagram type 1 (shocker, and I’m sure I’ll do an Enneagram blog so stay tuned)! Take for instance, I replayed the 6 shots that I missed in my soccer games the other evening that should’ve been goals. They were RIGHT THERE! UGH! It’s easy for me to see failures, and forget to celebrate the victories (we did win one of the games)! I’ve found that I’ve had much grace for myself in these “2017 Goals”.

Have I memorized scripture – a few, but not all 24. This next season I’m going to be diligent about being in the Word! It’s not the exact same, but in being in the word, I hope that it seeps deep into my soul and not just my mind. Reading a book a month was a bit advantageous. I’m hoping to be diligent in finishing the books I start!

The next three goals on my list, I’m going to celebrate actually making those goals and beyond!! They all were much needed in 2017, especially the traveling and time to myself! I’m also chalking up the running multiple races to starting to prep for a sprint triathlon! 😉 I need to celebrate these victories to find the joy in 2017 and hope for 2018!

Maybe you’re looking back on your 2017 and all you see are failures. Have some grace for yourself! If I could insert a Oprah meme of her saying “You Get Grace! You Get Grace! EVERYBODY GETS GRACE!” I would! Ha! What is something that you did or experienced in 2017 that you can CELEBRATE!? Yes, I’ve failed in many ways in 2017, but let’s not allow that to stop us from celebrating the joys and victories that we’ve experienced! If it’s been a REAL hard 2017, remember that there are new days and a new year to come, with new goals and new experiences that we can celebrate! That’s how I’m finding joy and hope for 2018!


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