Sunday Funday

This blog is just that, based on Miriam Webster’s partial definition of a blog (one of my fav things to do), a “personal reflection” of today. I’m not sure this will be uplifting or inspirational. It’s just going to be a real day in the life!

It started out at my church with friends, and seeing some faces I’ve missed! I wish I had spent the time to just step into their lives and ask how they were doing, but I was too busy heading off to help out with the next event. I learned so much this morning about relationships and challenges. Gosh was I challenged – one could call it a kairos moment!šŸ˜‰

I then quickly headed to another church, where part of my family attendsĀ and witnessed nothing short of a miracle! This small church of around 2-300 raised $6k to not only send teens on a mission’s trip, but to also equip them with the resources and equipment they’ll need to take their ministry up a notch! What a gift it was to see what started as a few hundred dollarĀ fundraiserĀ grow into a few thousand dollar fundraiser! This is on top of a million dollar plus building fundraiser they are working towards the next few years to upgrade their current church building! Mind. Blown.

I then sat in an Uber as I got a ride home. No, it was not a day-after-St. Paddy’s Day- shame ride, but one to get back home to retrieve my car. I’ve been borrowing a friend’s truck to help save myself some miles on my lease and after returning it, I had to get home to get my own car to get to the next thing! As my driver and I chatted it up, we noticed how many people were on the road and how many people were laying on their horns! The long winter didĀ not help us Michiganders be more cheerful on this sunny day, that’s for sure.

It was such a beautiful day in Michigan. One of those throw on a sweatshirt and sunglasses and enjoy spring kind of days! We celebrated my youngest nephew’s 4th birthday, and it was so fun! We got out and played some catch and baseball! It felt SO good to just get outside, have some fun, laugh, and enjoy the nice weather!

As I reflect on my day, I see how preoccupied I was with so many things. I’m headed out on a short vacation with one of my besties, and my mind is going in so many different directions. The plans and the things I need to get done before I go have taken over all of my brain space, and the craziness of the day didn’t help! I had times where I was present and not present, where I engaged and loved on my friends/family well, and times I just let opportunities pass by.

I’ve been realizing as I sit here how I literally just did what we were told we can get stuck in this morning – learning but never acting. I learned about how we can be highly invitational/relational and highly challenging with the people we come into contact with. (No clue what I’m talking about or curious to know more? Let’s chat!Ā šŸ˜) Ā I had that opportunity to engage like that in so many situations – church/friends, family, Uber!

Maybe it took the slowing down this evening to realize the moments I let pass by – the moments that count. That I sometimes sacrificed the great things for just good things. That I’m not seeking those opportunities to build relationship bridges of love that can handle the weight of the gospel that I so wish I could bravely share.

So, I wrap up this blog, that may seem a bit different than the others to just say that I’ve challenged myself. To not just be present, but to be intentional. To not just let the day pass me by, but to engage in it and those around me. To not just learn, but to act on what I’m learning. To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ boldly & bravely & speak truth after I’ve built those bridges. To realize that the busyness of the day exhausted me, and where it was such a fun day, I’m completely drained before I even start my week. Knowing where I’m at and where I can challenge myself is valuable, and this personal reflection has proven valuable too!


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