Podcasts! 🎧

I’m going to guess that you’ve clicked to read this blog because either you’re an avid podcast listener with the need for a new one to add to your regular listening, or maybe you’re not a podcast listener and want to know what this is all about. If you’re already a listener, I’d really like to hear what you’re listening to! If you’re not, I’m about to share how I got started, where/when I listen, and am about to drop my list for you right HERE!

Think of podcasts as the new radio – Free, entertaining, inspirational, motivational or informational. I’ve been regularly listening to podcasts for over a year I think, and it’s given me a variety of options to listen to. It all started with Up & Vanished, as I was sucked into the intrigue of figuring out a mystery. Unfortunately, they lost me halfway through the season, but I’ve found a number of podcasts now that I’ve listened to while driving, cleaning, working, or running. I’ve mostly enjoyed the learning aspects of the podcasts while, for the most part, completing repetitive/boring tasks. Essentially, as the saying goes, I’m killing two birds with one stone.

The podcasts below, in no particular order, I listen to regularly or am catching up on old podcasts. I’ll include a category that I think it falls into and a short snippet (maybe it’s iTunes bio) of why I listen to it.

That Sounds Fun w/ Annie F. Downs – Entertaining & Inspirational
My #1 podcast – truly! She releases an episode pretty much every Thursday, and I have yet to be really disappointed in one of her episodes! The claim is that she only interviews her friends, but really she has quite a few friends who just so happen to be famous in the Christian world. I think my draw into this podcast is that she’s just living life, being real, and is a 30s single. My favorite part is the end of every podcast where she asks “What sounds fun today?” to her guest. You get quite the myriad of answers. I promise you’ll experience all the feels in her 70-some episodes!

The Popcast w/ Knox & Jamie – ENTERTAINING & Informational
“A weekly pop culture podcast seeking to educate on things that entertain, but do not matter.” SO FUNNY. That’s all you need to know. Get it if you want/need a laugh and also be informed of popculture things. I do not always agree with their views nor do I care about everything they talk about, but sometimes they say exactly what we’re all thinking!

The Bible Binge – Knox & Jamie – ENTERTAINING & Informational
“What if you could recap the Bible like you recapped your favorite TV show? Welcome to the Bible Binge hosted by Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden of The Popcast.” You guys – again, it’s funny! Maybe not the most theologically sound always, but that’s what the check at the end of the podcast is for!

FunTherapy w/ Mike Foster – Inspirational & Informational
“Fun Therapy with Mike Foster dives into the horribly messy parts of our stories (with a smile). Each episode features a candid “therapy” session with a key leader, influencer or artist. No talking points. No shameless self-promotion. Only beautiful imperfectness on display as we discover tactics to turn our setbacks into superpowers.” Honestly, I’ve only listened to a couple episodes, but again – all the feels. I think I just like to hear people’s stories that are real. There’s no sugar coating and they may not have an answer or closure to their life situation… yet.

Goal Digger w/ Jenna Kutcher – Informational & Motivational & Inspirational
This podcast is for the dreamers and entrepreneurs! Jenna shares what she’s learned along the way to becoming a millionaire, and is also just a great motivational listen! From listening to her podcast and following her on Instagram, she has been an inspiration to be confident in my own skin. She has also just given practical tips on achieving goals!

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast – Informational & Inspirational
This is a monthly podcast that is a great resource for leaders or aspiring leaders! I cannot accurately explain the practicality of this podcast. All I can say is go listen! I never listen to this podcast without having pen and paper ready to take notes!

Your Move w/ Andy Stanley – Motivational & Inspirational
“Welcome to the Your Move with Andy Stanley podcast. In this weekly 30-minute message from Andy, you will discover how to make better decisions and live with fewer regrets.” Again, super practical and lots of note-taking while listening!

Well, that’s about the list of my regular listens. I have other podcasts that I’ll pick and choose an episode of here and there, but these are my go-to’s! What’re you listening to? The podcast world is HUGE, so I’d love to hear what you’ve subscribed to and why – comment below!!


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