Hi there! I’m Kristen Landenberger, just your average 30-something Asian-American living in the Mitten State of Michigan! Here are some basics:

  • Jesus Is My Homeboy (I’m a Christian and have just dated myself)
  • Professional Spender of Other People’s Money (Occupation: Buyer)
  • Sometimes I Forget I’m Asian, not Caucasian (Adopted: Blog/Story)
  • Love Being Aunt Kristen/Aunt KiKi to 3 Fun Nephews and 2 Beautiful Nieces! (Single & no kids of my own)
  • I’ve Ran 10 Races in 2017 Between 5ks, an 8k, and 10ks (I sign up and commit money to keep myself physically active), and the goal is to run a half marathon at some point.
  • I regret signing up for every run in the middle of it and am ready to sign up for a longer run 5-30 minutes after I complete a race. (I’ve finally experienced runner’s high!)

Pretty much I’m here putting thoughts down to process and learn, and maybe it leads others to find Hope for Joy in their own lives!

Feel free to contact me at hopeforkristenjoy@gmail.com!


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